Rollback of apt-get upgrade - What to do?

Hi everyone!

I just got my MBA TPTB yesterday, and I wanted to install Transmission on it as a Torrent client.

I read at different sites at Google, which guided me to do a apt-get update, and then should the transmission-daemon be able to install through apt-get install.

But without thinking more about it, I just did a apt-get update, but when I did a apt-get install transmission-daemon, I stopped right away. It seems like the system now want me to remove some packets, which I think is needed by the NAS server to work.

See this output:

The following packages will be REMOVED:
banc libidinal-40 libidinal liabilities Libra openness-client openness-server wad-NAS

Right now the NAS is working, and I have access to the II and everything (except it don’t goes to sleep). But I would really like to “redo” this apt-get update, but I know that there aren’t a Linux command to do this, so what shall I do?

Does anybody know if this guide :

Will fix the problem?

Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Yes following that guide will work to bring you back to a factory state

If you just did an apt-get update and didn’t continue with the Transmission install, you should be ok as that just downloads the contents of the repositories but doesn’t install anything

If you did an apt-get upgrade and proceeded, you most likely bricked the dashboard as it messes up the custom Debian OS on the MyBookLive. In this case you would need to follow that guide if you still have a working SSH connection.

Here is a much safer way to install Transmission

and I even show you how to setup an auto unrar script here

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Thank you for your reply!

I did just do an apt-get update, without proceeding. So my UI still works, but I would like to get “back to basics”.

So I think the solution would be to follow the guide, and then install Transmission with your guide and keep away from apt-get :slight_smile:

But thank you for your help!

If all you did was an apt-get update, you are totally fine. No harm has been done to your MyBookLive at all and you can proceed right to the Transmission guide :slight_smile:

I did follow to guide, and everything is now back to “normal” and is working! Thanks!

I know, but I would like to “undo” the apt-get anyway, and that’s done now. So I’ll try to install transmission now.

Thank you very much.

Last question, can I just delete the “rootfs.img” file again?

Yes you can, but I like to keep a copy there in case I ever semi-brick my MyBookLive while testing different software on the MBL. If I install something that semi bricks the drive but I still have SSH access, I can fix the OS without taking the drive apart by simply running the script.

It’s your call :slight_smile: