Rollback Firmware

Does anyone know if the rollback firmware works for the latest 1.07 ? Not having much luck with it. I think 1.05 or 1.03 was better can’t remember.

Anything before 1.05.  The 1.04 was most stable, but slowest USB and net.  I have a link somewhere if needed

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Thanks… I found two 1.04 versions on the download page. I thought to go back in firmware that you had to use a rollback version since 1.06. will give it a try. 3 reboots a day for 1.07, compared to once or twice a week before.

I upgraded to 1.07.16 and tested it for 3 days. Unfortunately, I would loose the wireless randomly - from every 3-4 hours to every 5 minutes.

As a result I downgraded back to 1.4.11 which is the only firmware that works a bit better (getting resets once very 7-8 hours).