I sent a question to Microsoft Answers, trying to resolve the fact that WMP’s Media Server is no longer working properly with any of my WDTV firmware revisions.

I got an autoreply from Microsoft… but Hotmail tells me:

“This message looks very suspicious…”


Not even Microsoft will trust Microsoft.  Can ya blame them? :wink:

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I think I should submit this to failblog :stuck_out_tongue:

ThePizzaMatrix wrote:

I think I should submit this to failblog :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if it helps, the only answer I got so far was to try Microsoft’s TechNet forums, and they sent another mail that I capped for you :wink:

Not quite as good as the last one that was “very suspicious”… this one is only “suspicious”. :dizzy_face:

Thank you very much, RG!!!