Robbery of My Book 1TB for PC

Dear freinds,

Firstly, I must recognize my guilty for not activating the password security of My Book drive 1 TB, which provokes that after the drive robbery all my professional and personal data are accessible at this moment . As I bought it recently and I had not registered the device yet and I did it yesterday. Fortunatelly  the robbery was registered by the security cameras of an Official building and while the Police findings arrive I would like to pose two simple questions:

1º. If the robber commits the naïveté of trying to register the device again, has the WD Registering Center any way to detect him since the first step for registering is introducing the _owner _e-mail address and then the device serial number?

2º. There is any way through the IP provider to detect the mentioned device serial number supposing that the My Book device  was running any OS?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Sorry mate,

1- No (unless you register your drive)

2- No.

Thanks Awopero, but as I told you I had already registered the device just the robbery was commited.