Roaming RAID5

Hello! Tell me please. I have available PR4100 16Tb Raid5. Recently I changed all the disks to 8Tb; the total volume was supposed to be 32Tb. But this did not work out.
I was wrong. It was necessary to do differently increasing the capacity of the NAS. menu-store-change raid mode-expand raid5. and so change all 4 disks in turn.
The question is, if I put the old 4TB disks back in the order they stood (the disks are numbered as they stood in the compartments) and turn on the NAS, will I still have the data? Or have I already lost data on 4TB drives?

As long as you put them back in the same order and didn’t alter them, YES. Put them in and it will ask if you want to import a volume.

I tested this out before deciding to keep it.