RMAs are disabled

When I was trying to create an RMA, there is an error, “RMAs are disabled”. It seems that after the system has been updated we are facing the difficulty.

Since WD has made no announcements, they want us to figure it out for ourselves. Here what has been learned:

They have a new RMA system. Massive changes include:

  • Limit of 1 advanced RMA per account (used to be unlimited, or max 5 out of region)

  • They are charging you $25 to process an advanced RMA, you won’t get this back. You will get back the total amount they hold for the model though.

  • You have to manually type your card number if doing Advanced RMA (used to be able to copy paste), now its 4 separate boxes for each 4 digits for AMEX cards its really confusing, but you just put 3 digita in the final box

  • You cannot do an advanced RMA for any model that costs more than $200 (it’s ok if the $200 limit is exceeded if it is the tax that exceeds it)

  • You now have to upload proof of purchase when registering a serial number.

All seem fair, except being unable to submit an Advanced RMA for a model that exceeds $200, so no 16TB EX2 + or 16TB My Book Duo + etc.

And also, demanding proof of purchase is absurd when a lot of times bought on ebay or craigslist. If it’s in warranty it’s in warranty.

Tried submitting multiple advanced RMA for a few models for our office, none of them went through except a 10TB Red because it was under $200 total.

Their new RMA system really ■■■■■, is inconvenient and very slow, with a lot of error messages.

Thanks for the detailed info.
At least WD could have informed us about all the sudden changes in the system. It appears that we have to save all the receipts onward from now, otherwise they will deny the service despite the fact that the drive could be under warranty.

As usual, consumers are always the sufferers whereas these greedy corporates find a way out. Consumer protection act is somehow dead. The money spent on lobbying could be well spent on consumers welfare.

They don’t bother to even have the system prevent you from wasting your time registering large size models, they just steal your money at the checkout.

They also wiped out everyone’s account, right? Had to request password to re-enable account, and recent RMA’s were voided, asking for proof it says, no messages sent, just happened to see the RMA status.

Keep trying to submit a 16TB or 20TB EX2 or My Cloud Duo, and you have $25 debited from your card every single time, along with a STATCODE358 error. The $25 is held for days or a week! Have $100 pending now!!! Submitted a lower size advanced RMA and it went through.

So I will call WD at 8AM and see what the heck I’m supposed to do with our defective larger sizes since the new RMA system won’t allow them!

Charging $25 for Adv RMA is ridiculous to me or everyone, it does not sound legitimate. You spend a fortune to buy these, pay shipping charges to send back to WD, hold your money in CC and so on. Looking at the stock market, WD is going downward, thats why they might have implemented this policy to deny/hold all those legitimate claims. If they can deny then they save a ton.

You are right, you have to redo everything in the new system. I have escalated my cases few times without any success, have been waiting for more than a month without any response from RMA team.
Not sure, whether they respect or understand the effects of system downtime. What a mess!

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