RMAing your RMAs

I had to RMA a My Passport Ultra that was destroyed by the latest firmware update and attempts to back it up to a My Cloud Home :slightly_frowning_face:

I chose the advance option, and the replacement arrived quickly, but is just as defective. No surprise, it is a refurbished drive (aka someone else’s problem). WD Support suggests I RMA it. So I now have two RMAs to ship. :anguished:

Can I send them together in one package?

And what if RMA #3 is a FAIL as well?

At what point does WD realize that they have dud products and escalate it or replace the product with new products rather than dud refurbished ones?

@graceclick This should help in preparing them for shipment.

That is not an answer to any of my questions.

The following comes from the link I sent you, yet you say my link did not provide an answer. Did you look at the information?

A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for every return shipment to WD. The items on the shipment must match the correct amount of units, model numbers and serial numbers specified in the RMA

Your question, “And what if RMA #3 is a FAIL as well?” You will have to wait and see then contact WD again.

So I will put both drives in one shipment and the two RMA # barcodes on the box, and I can trust that someone with common sense will receive the package and deal with them properly?

Did you ever get this resolved? I’ve been dealing with an RMA for several weeks now. They’re just useless.
Customer service is an absolute joke.

No wonder people tried to steer me away from buying WD hdd drives.

  • customer service lacks a basic understanding of engligh
  • can send you refurbished drives (most of which arrive DOA)

What a joke

I shipped the two bad drives together in one box labelled with both RMA numbers. They seem to have been accepted (in Canada).

The fourth drive is working, for now, though I am not going to connect it to the MyCloud Home… ever.

Seagate drives are not much better, unfortunately.

The only drives I have not had to RMA are Toshiba’s.