RMA with Sensitive Data can only be done with a FAX message? & sends the faulty HDD to Malaysia?

I was trying to get my hard drive with Sensitive Data replaced under warranty but I was informed by the customer support supervisor that I can only get it if I send a fax message with company logo stating that the contents of the hard drive is sensitive.

As far as I know email has been accepted as legally binding already and that any attachment that came with the email is deemed legally binding as well.  Why does a technology company like WD has this old technology in their warranty process?  It cost so much to send fax machine specially overseas from where I am plus the shipping fee that we have to pay as it is going to Malaysia.  So my questions are why do I have to send to Malaysia a HDD that I bought here in Australia and have to pay for shipping and at the same time spend money again to pay for sending a fax message of the letter just to be able to utilize the sensitive data RMA?

Dont get me wrong but the customer representative was very helpful and actually helped me with an alternate solution but at the end of the day the process that WD currently have should change for better customer experience.

Isn’t it time for WD to think that it is going to cost their customers more money to obtain warranty for small items such as HDD?  Isn’t it time for WD to accept email instead of fax?  I thought  WD is an advanced technological company, am I wrong?

I think that email is accepted, why don’t you give them a callback?