RMA WD sent a refurbished replacement Sharespace with inferior drives installed

One of the drives in my original Sharespace failed after 2 years of light (very light) use. When the replacement drive arrived I installed it and none of the drive volumes showed up. Long story short, I RMA’d the entire unit and the balance of the drives because the volumes were showing as degraded. My original Sharespace had enterprise quality RE3 drives, the replacement unit I was sent has “caviar green” drives. When I contacted support I was told that WD does not put the RE3 drives in the Sharespace anymore. That seems very hard to believe since the RE3 was specifically configured for the RAID. Has anyone had experience with getting WD to replace the same quality equipment when they RMA something?

I beleive it would probably be due to the availibilty at the moment. As far as I know the sharespace always comes with greens.