RMA Update

I am writing about my RMA experience.
I sent 3 drives into Calexico and USPS delivered them on Nov.21.
It is now Dec 4th and the RMA status is still showing “waiting to receive”.
I have written support twice about this, with all relevant tracking info,
RMA number, etc…with no response, at all.
I am not sure who to or even how to contact anyone except through the WD support portal, or the
physical address on my return label.
My failed drives were received 2 weeks ago, but no status change, whick kind of makes me feel a bit alarmed.
Any ideas what to do, what to expect would sure be appreciated.

I received my drives today…I am happy.
WD has always come thru for me. I am sure they get real busy, and my lack of patience and worry about things getting lost and all I now feel silly about.
So, 3 weeks after they were delivered, they were delivered to back to me. I have them though, and testing one now…looks like it is going to work.
A Big Thanks to WD :slight_smile:

I would contact the same point of contact where you got the RMA. Once connected explain your dismay about the process. Good luck