RMA - Terrible!

I have 11 Drives under warranty. Had my first failure of a WD Red a few weeks ago so started the RMA process. Never had the pleasure before.

Initially mistakenly created a standard RMA despite checking the Advance (not Advanced) option. Having that closed so I could create an Advanced RMA against the same drive S/N was a painful experience I never want to repeat (took about 5 calls to resolve!).

I’ve now had my Advanced RMA in Submitted\Pending Shipment for 5 working days (SLA is 3-5 working days). Called last week and was promised a drive would be shipped 2 days ago (never happened), called again today to be told there was no stock, and an alternative drive would be shipped today alongwith a follow-up email (never happened).

What does it actually take to get any service against this Warranty?! Support are very nice on the phone, but seemingly unhelpful at moving things along.

Hi icorrie,

We have sent you a message. Please check your WD Community Message Inbox.