RMA Swapped DL4100 BOOT?

I Just received my swapped out DL4100 today 3 may 17. How long does it take to boot up. The blue light has been flashing for 4 hours? Drives are in the same slot as they were in the old DL4100. Thanks in advance? Forgot to mention they are 6tb WD Red drives.

For sure not 4 hours, but it does also depend if a file system integrity check is invoked. If that happens then it does take a while longer to start-up,

Normal boot time is about 115 seconds according to the start-up log on my own NAS,

Myron, thanks no I didn’t do anything. But put the original RED drives back in the slots they were in from the old DL4100 box. As of today 18 hours still blinking?

Have you configured the volume(s) to something like RAID5 or similar? If the DL4100 is rebuilding the array? That can take a long time. Can be a number of days, Can you access the Web UI?

I unfortunately am having the same issue. Tried to run the recent update and everything looked fine up until the blinking light. Has been in this condition for 2 days. Upon opening the box, I just started transfer. Did not set up RAID5.Am unable to access the device via the network or Web UI.Prior to the update, I was able to set up the plex app and access the unit from the network and wd cloud website.

Thanks guys, Oh gets better. Well the first two drives “Were in RAID 1” However this device went for 24 hours with NO SOLID blue light?? I advised tech support of this, also told them I AM A TECHNICIAN and work very complex issues all day long. When I ask for SPACIFIC process for the boot function. The response was another RMA and shipping another DL4100 to me. I JUST WANT MY BOX BACK. The only thing that started this was an update, then I went from a LAG setting back to single port setting. The unit rebooted and never came back. So now the replacement is ALSO Never coming out of boot. It would be nice to actually read or talk to someone that knows the programming of the firmware. Now I have 4 6TB WD Red drives that are waiting for a box. ;-(

Yeah I sent my first one back due to this same issue. I do not want to do the same with this unit. This is ridiculous. The solution should not be a replacement as this is clearly a firmware issue and instructions on performing a solid reboot would be nice.

K I got fed up and just unplugged the thing ( PR4100 ). Everything (Power cord and ethernet). Then plugged the power cord back in and noticed the storage drive lights flashing / blinking fast (reading the data) and a red light quickly came across the same storage drive lights. Could hear the drives booting and then the blue power button turned solid red (signaling there is an error. I noticed the drives were still processing. I let it sit for a good 10 minutes with the solid red light and then finally plugged in the Ethernet cable >> red light turned to SOLID BLUE!!! Good sign as I ran to the computer and booyah…back up and running. Thought I’d share.

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I am wondering what the differences are. The DL4100 I got just took the update without a hitch and is still working, I’m puzzled.

I think if there is no network connection the power button does illuminate red.

So, I’m hoping there is a WD moderator that looks at these messages. Seems that the firmware folks need to separate the boot from the looking at drives. If I had placed new drives in the DL4100 it should have at least come up so I could log into the box and tell it how I wanted to prep the drives. RAID, JBOD what ever. The only thing I see on the network is it has DHCPed an ip address. However never get a log on screen. I’m so happy I can actually talk with another tech in my normal day to resolve issues. Oh yes so reset, 1drive still just blinking blue light. Hope the new box comes soon.

any progress on this?

WOW, finally received the 2nd replacement DL4100 today. And it even works. So happy. I’m now trying to see if I can get the original raid drives to work without formatting. Any one seem to know if this works. Original drives 1 and 2 were RAID 1 mirror. I installed the first drive only. Just to see if the box worked. So far so good. I have a bigger issue with WD folks now though. Need to TALK with a manager. Not a hardware issue. I’ll get the RMA #1 box back in shipping this wee. Thanks for the support fellow WD folks. I do have a stack of there products. Later back to the setup’s.

Ok, I’m going there. Ticket # established. Lets see if I actually get to talk to someone that knows what the firmware function actually does on these DL4100’s.

Received a level 2 call today, well not actually I HAD TO CALL AND GET PUT THERE. Any way the guy seemed to be knowledgeable. Still having issues. Tried all the things we talked about and see a drive, Yet still flashing blue light. Will wait 12 hours and see if it stops…So stay tuned…

“The system is busy. Please wait until the system LED turns solid blue before inserting another drive.” I AM SO SICK OF SEEING THIS [Deleted] How many freaking WEEKS DO I HAVE TO WAIT??? WD your firmware/software folks are really putting out stuff that [Deleted]. If you are wondering why I’m talking this way. I have LOST 18 TB of data in this little jaunt. The only thing that keeps me from burning this [Deleted] is the money I have in a DL4100 and 4 RED PRO 6TB drives.

How much data in total was stored on your NAS? Have you got SSH access enabled? If you have then it may be possible to see what’s running. By rights when a RAID5 array is being re-built, the array should still be accessible, but as you point out that it’s got got that far.and it’s stuck or busy on something,

Thank, no I don’t have SSH running. I have the most important data running on a D-LINK NAS (That has never failed). I had purchased the DL4100 as my back of the D-LINK. Although I could never get them to talk to each other. That had more to do with port forwarding. Now as the DL4100 self destructed I suppose I was glad I didn’t put all my eggs in the WD basket. What really makes me sad is that you can’t ask the most simple question and get a moderately good answer. There is a serious problem at WD. I had told them in my last rant that THEY! should incorporate THEY’RE diagnostic tools INTO the hardware. A normal person would have less issues, and better/quicker down time. I don this work all day long and at lease I have the ability to take the drives out and hook them up to my laptop. I hate loosing data however I think today I’m just going to format the drive and put it back in the DL4100. They also seem to have a problem with the box addressing RAID 1 and JBOD in the same box??? So back to the fight.

Thirteen days, re setting the DL4100 box about 5 times having to format ALL of my WD RED PRO 6TB drives loosing all of my data. The unit is finally back online. Oh yes my credit card was hit with three non authorized charges??? (Only use for this endeavor ??? ) I think it’s almost over. WOW what fun ;-(