RMA Status

I have done this oficially by contacting WD through the contact us link, but thought I would put it here as it seems to have all gone quiet.

I had a 1TB Elements external drive giving me issues, found out it was failing, so went onto WDs site and went throught the Advance RMA process.

Simple enough, I printed out the RMA label, made sure drive was packaged up correctly, stuck the label on a box and made sure the RMA number was printed on three sides of the box. Sent it insured/recorded delivery via Post Office in the UK.

Received a 2TB WD Elements and I saw via Royal Mail tracking that my item had been delivered and signed for at the WD repair facility ?.

I kept checking the RMA status to see if the failing drive would change to received, I left it a couple of days from signed delivery date, but nothing changed. So I sent an email to WD support asking why it had not, and also included a screenshot of the tracking info and who it was signed by, ironically it was someone called CROOK, which is never a good thing when you don’t see it showing on WDs RMA status.

I received a reply from WD support, and all it asked me was did I have the original receipt for sending it, couple of issues there, one I am back down in Africa working offshore and don’t have it, and two, what difference would it make.

I am concerned about getting charged for a hard drive that I have done everything I can and followed all the information, but due to bad logistics at the WD end, it seems to be focused on me.

Just thought I would share, and if anyone from WD can provide any feedback would be great.

Let me get this straight - They sent you a larger drive? But you already paid for the advanced RMA, right? So, they charged you only for the original replacement drive. The RMA charge should drop off your card.

WD sometimes will send out a larger drive as a replacement, I’ve received 400 GB drives are replacement for 320’s, a 650 as a replacement for a 400 GB drive. They do this when they no longer manufacture the same drive, so they give you the next one up they have in stock.

But also, when doing an RMA, make sure you do not click any links that say “UPGRADE Drive” - They WILL charge you for the new drive, and it’s usually full price. Normally, Advanced RMA means they put a charge on your card, and when you send the old drive back to them then knock it off your card. So just ship the old drive back, “Crook” is probably just the gentleman’s name. Ship it back, and the charge will be taken off your card. If you have concerns, just make a Word doc and print it up and stick it in the return, just tell them you were concerned about being charged for a larger drive. 

I would not worry though, if they sent you a 2 TB for a 1 TB, just ship the old one back and the 2 TB’s yours.

No not at all.

I did an Advance RMA , they sent out a 2TB which they do sometimes for my 1TB I sent back.

The problem is I have proof from the Post Office that my broken drive got there, but WD are denying all knowledge, and therefore I may be charged for not sending it. That’s the issue.

OK I see now. Yah, you have to send that proof back to them, you should call them, I’ve had to call before to straighten out something like that. Usually they are accommodating. Yeesh! Well, it was delivered to them, but not marked off by the warehouse… Maybe that “crook” thing is correct, maybe someone who was in the warehouse, not authorised to accept the package, signed for it. But what would they want with a broken drive? They cannot return it for a new one, it’s already regged to you.

So they probably just lost it on their end. Well, I’ll be livid too. Sorry that happened, man. I send straight to their main warehouse in California, and I’ve only had one incident like this in the last 4 years, but eventually they found my old box. I hardly ever use Advanced RMA.

Yup! you just need to contact them and give them the proof of delivery and theyll handle it from there.