RMA Status Conflict & Delays

Good day,

Incident Update Reference #: 201114-001110

I requested a RMA on a failed drive 3 weeks ago but I have yet to receive a RMA confirmation. I have exchanged emails with 3 different support personnel and talked to another. The Canadian phone numbers are continuously busy and the HGST warrantee number gives me a message that that the system can not correct me.

My drive is identified as having a RMA currently in progress but a “CHECK RMA STATUS” search reports “RMA does not exist”. The serial number is found and accepted as “In Warrantee” until 2025. The contradictory information from the warrantee site is pasted below.

**From - https://www2.hgst.com/warranty/validate.do**

***Verify warranty status > RMA already in progress***

Our records indicate that there is an RMA request already in progress. As a result, your current request can not be completed. If you require assistance, please contact the technical support center.

Track the status of your RMA (return materials authorization) request.

Please complete all questions.

*RMA/Serial RMA Number
Hard Disk Drive Serial Number
*RMA/Serial Number VDJJHK4K.
Status check inputs > **RMA does not exist**

The Serial Number you entered was not found. Please verify that your information is correct. 

If you feel you have reached this message in error, please contact Technical Support.

Update . . .
The RMA service generated a manual RMA. I expect that they will find the cause of the status conflict in my internet generated RMA request to keep it from happening in the future. Glitches happen. :scream_cat:

I requested the courtesy of a fee-free expedited replacement drive both to get a replacement drive delivered sooner and to compensate me for the 2.5 week delay in confirming a RMA. This was refused.

Is it possible to send in an old drive to get repaired? I found that it was impossible to get an RMA on an old drive, and WD says that “DO NOT SEND A DRIVE WITHOUT AN RMA NUMBER”

So how does one get an old ( 2+ years drive fixed? ), I know the drive is fine, just a problem in the PCB.