RMA - request that the RMA status get updated instead of leaving customers in the dark

So I’ve been waiting a week since I returned my RMA drive to WDC. An RMA was created and shipped and received by SOTO on 8/23/2018. I never received confirmation and have checked the RMA status page several times. After more than a week it is still showing “Waiting to Receive”.

Is this normal for WDC not to update their RMA status page and I can expect my drive soon? Or did SOTO lose my drive in the warehouse somewhere?

Please let me know - if WDC does not update their RMA status page and this is normal than I won’t worry about it till I receive the drive back. But if they do keep it up to date then I’ll try to see if I can contact someone again.

Oh yeah, the email WDC does not work - when you click on SUBMIT it says something about a search of knowlegebase failed. So I gave up. Calling was hopeless too so I was hoping someone on the forums would be paying attention.

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Hi Harry5,

Please check your private message.

RMA received on august 16 2021 and no update on october 1. Ask information by sending email to WD Support and on september 27 i received this message : your RMA XXXX is on processing… We will keep you posted as soon as the update is done. A month and a half of treatment is a long time. It takes away the taste of repurchasing a WD product.I had an RMA for a ssd with the TEAM group company located in California US and in two weeks everything was settled.


@coloc77 Did your drives ever get replaced? I returned two drives over three months ago and I still haven’t received anything.

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same happened to me, they’ll just sit on it if there’s a problem.

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…hi, just wondering if anyone received their RMA drives & how many months it’s taking now. Is it more than 3 months?

Yes I finally got mine after about 4 months of excuses and broken promises.

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just an update: I received my replacement Passport drive 2 weeks after shipping it out to WD, so maybe things are getting back to normal

My first replacement didn’t work. Good luck!!!

For my Rma open on September 2021 , i don’t have any replacement. Wd customer care are ridicolous.