RMA replaced Failed 500GB Caviar HD 11 months it died!


I had a 500GB WDC WD5000AAKS-00YGA0, (Blue Caviar) which lasted a few years, then WD did a RMA, which I received last Feb 9, 2011, They sent me another one, and this one just went bad too, only eleven months later.  (That Model # WD5000AAKS-00YGA Tornado 3D 7200 16MB SATA II PMR 500GB 6HD STD).

I’ve noticed here that these models are not that stable, or if you get a good one that works troublefree, then you consider yourself lucky.  I’m afraid to go buy another WD HD. This would be my fourth one in three years!  Buy more WD…Dummy me, I have a failed 500GB, and the other drives I have, WD 2TB, and 74GB Raptor, which I used for Boot/OS drive, because I was told it’s faster, but it loaded up some program files, really fast, ( Pinnacle Studio) even though I keep most on second or third hard drive for storage.  Then I also have  External 500GB WD MyBook, and a 3TB Seagate HD.

So Now, all I want is to try to use the WD Diagnositc repair tool to fix any errors on the drive and get the info off, before it’s lost forever.  All I get is the StartUp Repair, which had me going through hoops for the last three days.  I am now oficially frustrated!  Thank you!  (PS, I’m on my neice’s puter)

Hi, you can try to use DLG, if it’s recognized there you can select the option to write zeros and delete any data that it has.