RMA question

I am using standard RMA, and it says that if I don’t use an ESD bag the warranty will be voided. Can I use an antistatic bubblerap instead? That’s all they have where I live. 

Normally, the RMA department ask for the ESD bag and ask not to use bubblerap.  Now, contact WD Tech support and explain your situation, they are the one that can tell you if you can do this or not.

To Contact WD for Technical Support:



    i having  a query  regarding this service i am having a external hdd i printed the rma label as per there guidelines so ithey told to affix the lable  in the box i am already having there  product  box so can use that box ??

Hi yes put the drive back in the original box with the packing, then put it in a plain brown box and put your lable on the outside box and return information