RMA process question

My drive just died and I got a RMA request confirmed. I was wondering if I have to provide my own antistatic bag and package or if they ship out an empty package with a bag that I can use. Thanks.

Hi: Draxis1985

These are WD instructions for RMA Shipping.

Read Packaging and Shipping Instructions at

Pictures of acceptable packaging at

Pictures of unacceptable packaging at

To answer your question WD will not be providing you with an ESD Anti-Static bag.


OK, can I use old antistatic bags or do I have to buy new ones from amazon?

I can’t find any proper packing materials, can i change my rma to advanced rma and just use that packaging to return it?

Hi: Draxis1985

you can try getting an advanced rma and re-use the packaging material WD sends you to return the defective drive.

you can also try asking your local computer shop from some free packing material.


How do I upgrade my rma to advanced?

Hi: Draxis1985

WD How to RMA

WD Support - Ask a Question

WD Support - Phone Numbers

To Answer your question “How do I upgrade my rma to advanced?”

I not sure if WD still offers that service.

Just contact WD Support and I am sure they will be happy to help you out.