RMA, migrating from one MyCloud to New Mycloud - How To?

I finally got my 4TB MyCloud RMA and they sent me a new one.
I would like to migrate as seamlessly as possible. Does anyone have a “how to guide”?

I’m thinking if:

I save the System Config of the old MC.

Import on the new one, this will allow me to see a saved Safepoint
Restore from safepoint on new one.

Will this work???

I wrote a robocopy batch file to sync data from MC_OLD to MC_NEW. @cpt_paranoia raves about FreeFileSync.

Thank you, but I don’t want to do a copy. The MyCloud is backed up by SOS On-line Backup.
If it sees it as a new drive, host, or new files, it will take weeks to do another initial backup.

If I want to do a robo-copy, I have one better… ViceVersa Software. But that’s not what I was asking.

I want to restore the new WD using config and safe-point. Has anyone done this??

So I guess you can’t do what I’m asking…

What is the point of importing a config file???

What is the point of importing a config file???

Good question. It doesn’t restore users, either…

I guess it’s “what do you want for $200.00”???
So, I guess now I’m going to be replicating… ughh… That means whole new on-line backup set too.

Because WD sent you a new unit the system config file import will be of no use for restoring users or shares. From page 66 of the My Cloud User Manual:

Before doing a factory restore or a system update, you may choose to save your device’s current configuration. At a later time, you can import a previously saved configuration. Keep in mind that importing a configuration after restoring factory defaults does not restore shares or users. See “About Safepoints” on page 71.

In the User Manual on page 76 through page 78 it details how to perform a SafePoint Restore. The manual makes this important point:

Make sure the replacement My Cloud device is new or is in factory fresh state. (See “System Factory Restore” on page 64.) The capacity of the replacement device must be the same or larger than the safepoint you created.

Further the manual appears to indicate that one can restore only from a USB drive attached to the My Cloud or from a location on the local network. If one has moved or copied their My Cloud Safepoint backup offsite one may have to copy or move that Safepoint back to the local network or USB hard drive in order for the My Cloud to see, access, and restore the previous Safepoint backup.

If one used a 3rd party backup program or service to backup their My Cloud one shouldn’t expect the Safepoint program within the My Cloud to open that 3rd party backup file set (or access that 3rd party service) to restore the files via the Safepoint interface. Instead one may have to use the 3rd party program or service to initiate the restore process to the My Cloud.