RMA from OUT of U.S.A



I bought G-drive mobile usb-c 1TB model which is not launched in my country from Ebay.
Unfortunately, I can’t connect to my PC even once.
I’ve checked trouble shooting follow forum.
It is not recognized in disk management too, I can hear small beep sound only from drive.
Status led is keeping on not blink.
I checked S/N on RMA page and under the warranty until 2020 march.
(It is only shown when I checked country as U.S.A)
It will cost 25$ send drive to U.S.A from south korea.
I have chance to loss 60$ because of this issue.
How can I get RMA here in my location?


You will need to call in for support of this nature.

888.426.5214 for US based support.


Hello rydia

Could you inform e-mail address for support?
I want to deal with issue via e-mail.

Best regards,


Here you can Create a support ticket