Rma experience

I’ve just done my first ever RMA of a dead WD Red 8tb and I have to say I’m rather confused - this is the timeline:
19th February Start RMA process.
Took me a week to get suitable packaging so
26th February Posted drive to Flextronics UK
27th February Drive received at Flextronics UK
1st March received a email from UPS saying a parcel will be delivered tomorrow
2nd March parcel received containing the same defective drive from Flextronics UK
Package had the UPS label and a piece of paper with my RMA number, a 8 digit number and a CRI number taped to it, no other paperwork at all.

The RMA status still shows waiting to receive, I’ve opened a case with WD but I’m concerned the RMA will expire before I get a explanation. Anyone got any ideas or for that matter any experience of returning drives in the UK please?

Thanks in advance

My problem is I’ve not been waiting they’ve just sent the defective drive back with no explanation. Hopefully we will both get the desired response, never had problems with WD drives before and after this I hope I never do again!


Well I hope you have better luck than me, they responded to my case with rma refused due to physical damage. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket it’s my birthday tomorrow!


Unfortunately there was a small dent in the casing that looking closely on pictures I took before sending it back is there and a slightly bent plastic part I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t win the lottery either…