RMA Duties/Taxes Thoughts

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Looking for a little guidance here which may have come up before and is a quick win. Basically I bought 5 x WD Red Pro 14TB drives, one has recently failed (less than 12 months), opened an RMA with WD, sent it to the UK address, all good so far. Drive confirmed faulty and a new one shipped from Poland, OK, no worries, or so I thought. UPS are trying to charge me import fees -

Import Charges

NOTE: the total value used for calculation of all Duty-based fees is 0.00.
Government Charges:
Brokerage Charges:
Freight Charges:
Total Due GBP:

I’ve spent over £2000 on HDD’s and now I have to not only pay postage to get it back to WD but I have to pay an import charge, is this normal as I’m a little upset to say the least?



I had exactlt the same today, got an email from UPS saying that there were government import charge to pay of just over £80. Did you have to pay yours? I was thinking is this because of brexit. What did you end up doing?

I paid it but I’ve opened a ticket with WD to complain.

If no joy through that, I’ve got the CEO’s email and that’s my next channel because this is completely unacceptable.

Yes, I believe its brexit, but as UK consumers, that’s not our issue, we purchased it here. WD either need to keep UK stock or find a way to get it here without charges, otherwise I’ll be finding a HDD company that can provide an RMA service without additional charges.

I’ll keep you posted how I get on with the support ticket, from there, as I said, email to their CEO.

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I’m in the same boat. Wd mycloud 6tb RMA from Poland had to pay ups £45.

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Foxyloxy, your reply has prompted me to finally send that email to David which I’ve literally just done. It’s very professional (at least in my opinion) and to the point, raising concerns not just for myself but for every WD UK based consumer. Let’s see if anything comes of it and I’ll keep you posted.


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Got this back on the query I raised:

I would like to inform you that since we cover all the costs for the RMA, this import charges they should not be asked of you to pay.
Please do not pay any cost. I will investigate this issue with UPS in order to deliver your device without any extra cost.

Please allow me some days in order to investigate it and as soon as I have any update, I will inform you.

I got the same, bit late eh!

I’m going to reply later and refer to this post to show its effecting others too, hopefully they’ll fix the problem and reimburse us too.

Well at least it’s consistent.

Indeed, I’ve also added a link to this thread to show them that more people are seeing this.

Hopefully they’ll find a way to get us our money back.

Just adding to this thread as I’ve had the same problem.

Have chased wd.

Not chased as I reckon they have no idea how to refund us and hopefully they’re investigating… There is clearly a broken process on their end since Brexit as I believe the package should have some kind of declaration that it’s a replacement but mine didn’t have anything. Let us know how you get on with the chase!

I’ve just had a call from a lovely lady called Laura on a +30 (Greece) number about this problem. They’re investigating but don’t have the systems to refund us. They offered me a product of similar value, in my case £70 but as I have 70TB of storage, there really isn’t much I want/need, only another WD Red Pro 14tb to expand my array but that comes in at £450. So either it’s a refund or a very expensive disk for me at least :frowning:

Will keep you posted but I suspect everyone else will receive similar soon.

I wonder if that’s off the back of your email to the UK CEO?

Difficult to tell, the time it took for customer service to come back to us and with you receiving the first response I believe, I don’t think it got to him :slight_smile: Anyway, what I will say is that they seem to be trying to help which is good as I was worried we’d just be left to rot so QDOS to them, let’s see what the final outcome is.

So I emailed the CEO this morning and got my call from Greece tonight. I’ve accepted their offer of sending a HDD of similar value rather than wait the quoted 5-6 weeks for a refund.


anyone heard anything more about this at all?


Did you open a support ticket? I think Foxyloxy did but it didn’t go anywhere so they emailed the CEO…

I have pointed customer services in the direction of this forum. Can you let me know what you’ve tried so far in terms of getting in touch with them and I’ll ask customer service to try and reach out or tell me the correct way for your problem to gain traction.


I opened a ticket on the 19th January, I had a reply on 20th January asking for proof. I got a phone call on 11th Feb saying there would be a resolution offer within a week but I’ve heard nothing since.

I’d put a follow up on the ticket asking what is going on and see if they reply. They’re not the quickest but they do seem to come back.