RMA - drive has writing on the label - warranty invalid?

I bought a laptop drive which fails to format and fails Quick Drive Test, cannot be erased, but is showing good SMART values (weird!).

As it was a private cash sale, seller doing nothing to help. Thought it might be easier to deal with WD.

Drive shows as in Warranty till 2014.

Drive has some pen markings on the label, all the writing is still legible but I wanted to know if this would result in an RMA being rejected?

Do these markings count as ‘damaged’ as indicated on the label?

(Identifying numbers have been erased for this forum but are still legible on the actual drive)

I don’t think is such a big problem as long as the label is not tampered. But I’ll recommend you to contact WD you can reach them either by phone or email.


Thanks, I’ll give them a call