RMA Customs Invoice

I need to send a HDD for RMA. The provided information for the RMA is a bit unclear to me especially about the customs invoice. In my country I need to send the package to the WD RMA Collection Centre Services at the local airport. I don’t know if I need to send a custom invoice with it and if so how visible it must be?


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this.

I always printed the RMA instructions and sign them twice. It says also on the information that no fees will be charged and that it’s for customs purpose only. Since you mail the package to the local collection center there is no need for attaching a customs invoice outside. From there they forward it to some low-wage-countries where the actual RMA is processed.
If you 100% sure your drive is dead and will be replaced under warranty then I HIGHLY recommend doing the advance RMA!!!
My standard RMA arrived at their facilities already for more than a week an it is not even marked as “received” in the RMA status! :rage: