RMA creation not allowed, please contact WD with any questions

When I want to make an RMA, concerning a faulty intyernal drive that is In Limited Warranty (and thus as WD states “The product is under warranty and available for replacement”) I get the message “RMA creation not allowed, please contact WD with any questions: WCAYYxxxxxxx.”

I did so, using the website, by making a case.

I am now trying to get an answer from WD using this channel, because the mail I received almost 5 days ago after making the case, stated:


Thank you for your email. Our goal is to answer your email within one (1) business day. However, sometimes due to heavy volume it might take little longer to respond.

Maybe the correct question is: How much is a little longer? but I just want to know how to make an RMA or what the problem is when I cannot make one.

WD, please see the case I made for further details.

Thanks for a prompt reply.

Hi I would contact there support by phone as they are the only ones that can answer your question,  http://support.wdc.com/contact/contact.asp?lang=en

If I have to call them, why do they give the opportunity to make a support case, overhere https://westerndigital.secure.force.com/WD_NewCase ? Which would be answered in 24 hours (or a little longer, OK) according to the e-mail I got from them.

Hi you dont have to it was just a suggestion to get your rma started quicker or find out what is going on. I do not work for WD I am a user just trying to help you, as this is a user to user forum.

Yes, I know. But I want WD to make a move, as the ball seems to be in their park… Promises promises.

I got two brand new WD Reds and Disk 2 in the NAS failed in about a week. I immediately went to WD’s site, registered, and opened a case. Even though there was a snafu with registering the drive serial number, I got an e-mail back within 36 hours (which I consider reasonable) that sorted it all out, gave me my options of a regular or advance RMA, and I had the whole thing taken care of in 10 minutes. Now to wait for the new drive to arrive…