RMA Creation Failed (STATCODE355)

A little background: this particular passport drive was purchased as refurb from their Ebay store after getting a bad new one. I was pressed for time around Christmas and figured I could return the original when I got around to it. The refurb drive was also dead out of the box (literally worked for less than an hour).

So, I went to the web site, created an account, registered the drive (warranty ends July 6, 2021), and tried to create an RMA. It failed so I tried it again. Noticed two charges for the prepaid shipping label, got pissed and contacted support. Was assured that the charges were only holds and they would be released (which they were). Was recommended to wait 24 hours and try Chrome (was already trying Chrome - on WIN7). Did that, still failed. Tried from a WIN10 computer, with a new installation of Chrome, also failed. Tried again today (1/24), still not working.

Steps: Selecting a Standard RMA, with the reason “Drive status - failed”. Pick the UPS shipping option so I can get a label. Enter billing details, click next again. All info looks good on the final page, $5.32 to replace a drive that was essentially DOA, but whatever. Hit submit… “Error processing your RMA. Please contact us for additional support” STATCODE355.

I can’t find any information about what this means, nor can I get the RMA process to work. Yeah, I could call, but I’ve already sunk 4+ hours into this, and I’m just done. I suppose I might be able to get this to go through if I go to PO/UPS and pay them for shipping. Has anyone gotten the RMA process to work lately? Can anyone find a reference as to the what the error codes could mean?

I did find an alternate link to submitting an RMA, https://westerndigital.secure.force.com/. That currently says it’s down, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m old enough to remember when WD was the gold standard of hard drives. I don’t feel this way anymore.

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Same - just got off chat support who told me it was likely that I wasn’t using the correct billing address. I double checked. I was using the correct address. This same thing happened last week and the agent was kind enough to process the RMA for me - but not today. Definitely frustrating.

Had this error message twice today. Cannot be bad billing address as they have said to you since they did put a hold on your card which they could not have done with a bad billing address. I purchased these drives from the WD Store with the same address and CC but returning the drive the same address and credit card does not work. They shouldn’t be charging the customer for shipping of a defective drive any way…

I’ve tried a dozen times. I see their game, make it so hard you give up on a $50 HDD.
Rethinking about different brands if i need to buy something new.

That strategy worked on me. Next time, I’ll buy from a actual retail outlet that will honor a return policy (like a Costco with no questions asked) and let them argue it out. I got two bum 2.5" drives in a row from WD (failed within 2 hours of use). Used to be WD’s warranty and quality were second to none. Between this, and the CMR/SMR issues around the Red drives, I might be giving Seagate a second (third, whatever) chance.

2 in 2 hours…cancelling my order and going with something else.