RMA cause of Firmware 1.01.12 brick - DAY 34 without box

I bricked my WD TV Live on December 4.

I contacted the support (I live in germany) on December 5.

They sent me a UPS label on December 16.

They received my box on December 17.

Today is January 8. 

34 DAYS after I contacted support I still don’t

have back a box.

The support keeps silent.

I’m very disapointed!!!

What are your experiences?

Sorry to hear that man.

I tried to update via wireless internet (.11 after they remissioned .12). Something happened and the update got hung up somehow. The service tech told me it was probaböy bricked, send it in for replacement blah blah blah. I figured if it was broke, I couldn’t further the damage. I unplugged the box, plugged it back in and it asked for a usb drive with firmware. I left it running and when I came back upstair with my stick, the **bleep** thing was booted and has been running since. Go figure.

If tech support ■■■■■ that much, how can we expect them to have good logistics?

Sorry that you’re still waiting. If I were you, I’d start getting a little less friendly with these ppl on the phone. DEMAND SERVICE NOW!!!

Good luck.