RMA and returning

The guy over the phone told me I could keep the usb cable and just return the external HD when I get my warranty RMA replacement and said I could use the box that they are shipping me the new one in to ship it back. My question is the guidelines when returning on the site say to return the usb cable when sending it back. So is it necessary or can I keep the cable and send just the drive back?


I found the following information:

External Western Digital Enclosures:Do Not Remove The Drive From The External Enclosure. Return The Drive In Its Original Enclosure/Plastic Housing (Without Having Been Opened Or Dismantled, Along With The Power Adapter). Please Keep All Software And Manuals. Make Sure To Return All Interface Cables (E.G. Included Thunderbolt, Usb Or Firewire Cables) With Your Rma. Please Use This Document As Your Reference: "What Do I Return?"Warning: Removing The Hard Drive From, A Western Digital Single Unit External Enclosure, Will Void The Warranty.

Take a look a this link for more information.