RMA Advanced Replacement Issues

Hi all,

Looking for some quick advice on Advanced Replacement:

I submitted an RMA for a 2TB Caviar Green and recieved the replacement.

Is it normal to get a different make of drive? I recieved a 3TB drive of a different model.

I’m perfectly happy getting an upgrade, but hoping I won’t be expected to pay for it at some future point…

Never look a gift horse in the mouth :wink:

be it shortage, out of production or even mistake: I’d just appreciate it and be thankful.

I doubt any law allows WD to ask for money days or weeks later for this generous service. By that logic, I could just send you expensive stuff and, once you use it, clean your bank account ^^


That normally happens when the drive that you are replacing is not in stock and to replace your drive on a timely manner, the RMA team sends an upgrade of your drive, on this case a 3TB unit.