Ripping through a network to a HDD

I’ll just set this up for you.  I have my WDTV in my lounge under the TV.  When I get a new Blu-ray I rip it straight away.  This usually involves removing the HDD from the back of the player and hooking it up to my laptop, then ripping it on to the HDD via the laptop - usually whilst the missus watches Corrie, or some other such drivel.

I’ll soon have my BT Home Hub/router in the same room, hard-wired to the WDTV.

Can I plug another ethernet cable into my laptop at one end and the router at the other and ripstraight  from the laptop, through the router, through the WDTV and on to the HDD attached to the WDTV?  This would mean I wouldn’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the HDD.

Steve W


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