Ripping dvd's to external drive for playback through WD TV live

I am trying to copy dvd’s to My Passport external HD to play back through WD TV Live media player. I have Any DVD and clone dvd on my computer but I am unsure how to go about copying the movies to my passport. I have used clone dvd to copy movies to disc with no problems but I am stumped as to how to copy them to hard drive. I am a techno illiterate so need some basic help.


I successfully use both the Slysoft programs you mention, and actually your question is best suited to ask at THEIR forum rather than in this WD one! 

Nevertheless, I will help you get started in the right direction so you will learn how I learned to use the programs: 

I read the HELP file!  You can, too.

So, open CloneDVD2,  click on “Help” in the upper right-hand corner.  Read ALL of the Help instructions, in Part  2, pay particular attention to “Output Method” where you are told how to make and save a disc image called an ISO file.  Your WD media player can play these ISO files, and you can also use that ISO file to burn a DVD later if you want to.

You can also re-do your DVDs w/CloneDVD that you put on to discs and create an ISO file from them for your media player’s hard drive.  Once you know how to do the ISO thing, you may never burn another DVD with the programs again – unless you want to burn one for Mickey or Goofy!

OK, you are on your own from here.