Ripping a Blu-Ray movie

For those of you, able to rip a blu-ray movie and have it played on the WD TV Live Steaming (on a wireless network), without playback problem, which ripping software do you have ???

I’m using DVDFab and I’m having stuttering problems.:angry:

I rip them via DVDFab HD, and then use TSMuxerGUI to pull out the main movie into its own M2TS file.

Stutter free every time.

TonyPh12345, this is interresting !  If you can solve my problems, I’ll be more than happy :smiley:

1st: your results are on a wireless network or hard-wired?

2nd: Can you tell me more about DVDFab and TSMuxer ?

In DVDFab, what is your selection: Blu-ray Copy, main movie or Blu-ray Ripper to M2TS, or  ?

And why TSMuxer ???  After DVDfab you already extracted the main movie !  What’s the goal of this software ?

I am using DVDFab: Blu-ray copy, main movie, but the result is stuttering.

 I have Blu-ray’s ripped to folders using AnyDVD HD and use MakeMKV to extract the movie only.  You can use MakeMKV to rip the movie from your disc without AnyDVD HD, takes awhile to do it but most programs do. I get perfect playback on a wired system. 

If your not connected to a receiver you should set the WD to stereo, using HDMI pass-through to a TV can cause stuttering with files. 

You are right !  In fact, it works perfectly on a wired network.

but It’s a complete different story on a wireless network.

I use Megui to encode and rip. it has never given me any playback issues. :slight_smile:

I rip the ISO using Anydvd HD and then mount the image.

  • I use BDinfo to give me the list of playlists contained in the BD and relevant length of films (e.g so I get the right set of m2ts files if the movie is split up)
  • I use TSMuxer GUI to load the relevant playlist.
  • Mux to a .ts file just the video and relevant audio.

Subtitles is a little trickier, I have so far not bothered, or downloaded a seperate .srt file from the web.

If I were to compress, I’d use handbrake for its simplicity.

Also, Megui is good for converting audio etc if needbe.

vakeda1 wrote:

I get perfect playback on a wired system.

Except for subs. No MakeMKV rip of mine displays subs on the LIVE-S despite being there.

That’s easily sorted.

Download and run the MKV through MKV Merge and all will be well.  I’ve had a 100% success rate on all my BDs and DVDs with subs, whether foreign language films, or English language films with a few subs (like The Godfather).

Steve W