Ripped DVD won't play past the menu

I recently bought a WD TV Live.  I hooked up a 3tb hard drive to it.  On the HD are a bunch of ripped DVDs in the VOB format.  With the VTS folders.  I tested playing a number of movies and it works fine.  I tried playing the recent LADY AND THE TRAMP release (Blue Ray DVD combo - but I only ripped the DVD) and whenever I chose play, it would seem like it was going to play, then it would go back to the main menu (the DVD menu)  I tried choosing a later scene in the film, but the same thing happened.  The bonus features play fine.

I am worried this is an enbcrypting issue because it is a Disney disc.  Although, it plays fine on my computer, as a virtual DVD.  I am an animator, and half my movies are probably Disney films.  I hope this isn’t a big issue.  My next step it to re-rip it (using mac the ripper) and see what happens.


A quality ripper such as AnyDVDHD (along with their CloneDVD2 and Virtual CloneDrive) from Slysoft will do the job to make/view ISO files.  For making MKV files from Blu-ray rips  you need Bytecopy.  These progams are not free, but you get what you pay for.  Research the programs here and on the web.

WD media players (e.g. the Plus) are best suited to play ISO rips of DVDs.  Blu-ray rips play best as MKV files.  Newer model players may do better/more; don’t know.  Blu-ray ISOs play fine on a PC with blu-ray playing software, e.g. by Cyberlink, which comes free with many add-on blu-ray players for the PC.

mike27oct wrote:

For making MKV files from Blu-ray rips  you need Bytecopy.

No he doesn’t. He can use MakeMKV which is still free.