RIDICULOUSLY slow data transfer


When I FTP files to my WD MyBookLiveDuo, I get 40-50MiB/s.

When I try to FTP those files back to my computer I top out at just over 200KiB/s

I am using FileZilla with a 4TB MyBookLiveDuo.


This is not a viable solution for backup recovery if it will take years to restore my >1TB drive if it ever fails.

What can be done to get the same transfer speed when getting data FROM the WD-MBLD as I get when I transfer data TO it?

Thanks in advance.


Check if you have a firewall setting that is blocking the connection. Also, make sure that you are using a static ip to get a more steady connection.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have some followup questions.

Wouldn’t a firewall setting that blocks the connection actually, you know, BLOCK the connection? Are there firewall settings that throttle connection speed?

How is a static IP a more steady connection? Once a device gets a DHCP lease, it has that IP until the lease expires. The fact that I can transfer data tells me the IP is working fine. If the DHCP lease expired in mid-transfer somehow, I’d expect the transfer to just stop instead of being slow. Either way, I set up a some DHCP reservations so both my PC and the WD MyBookLiveDuo effectively have static IPs.

I’ve been facing the same situation since day one… I use MAC and I just gave up using Time Machine with MBLD. Support couldn’t help me at all and has never convinced me it’s normal having the transfer speed I have.

Sorry if I don’t present you a solution… but I just had to comment in order to make WD understand sometimes we s.u.c.k creating products…