Rewind function

Is not smooth at all. It’s too slow and it stutters. Also, ocasionally it’s not responsive and there is  delay. For example, if i fast forward at x8, then i click rewind, it does not stop fast forwarding. 

Also, fast forward function is not perfect too, but better than rewind. 

Is this issue to happen on each media type you try to play? Or does it apply only to certain files? What Firmware is your WD TV Live Hub HD Media Player running at the moment? 

Well, i don’t rewind much, so i dont’ have pricise statistics, but it happens most of the time. I have latest f/w.

Try using faster speeds (x4,x8), first fast forward, then click rewind,  i’m sure, you will notice that too. 

This isn’t going to satisfy your overall concern, but r when you need to rewind after fast forwarding, i.e. you go too far, it works better if go to PLAY first, then to rewind.