Reviewing files that were not backed up window prevents you from sorting by size

Per the documentation, I should be able to sort by size on the “files not backed up” window. I’m using WD Smartware 2.4.2 on windows 7. Has anyone encountered this issue? Do I need to do anything special to get it to work? 

Here’s the help you get if you click the “i” icon. 


Reviewing files that were not backed up

The WD SmartWare™ software lists the files that were not backed up by:

  • Name

  • Size

  • Date

  • Reason

As you investigate why the files were not backed up, you can use the standard list-files dialog features to:

  • Scroll the display or resize the columns to better show the information of interest

  • Sort the list by any column

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What happens when you click on a data column? Are the files sorted?

I’m experiencing the same problem with WD Smartware 2.4.10. I can’t sort by any columns.

Hello, We have passed this a long to support.