Review of WD TV Live and Samsung G2 Portable - Match Made in Heaven

Hi folks,

Just want to come here and say that my brand new WD TV Live works perfectly with my brand new Samsung G2 Portable hard drive.

Samsung G2 Portable:

One of the main reasons for my thread is, I was searching for a thread like this to verify compatibility of Samsung G2 with WD TV Live, now I have verified it myself, so if anyone else is wondering then you should know WD TV Live fully supports it.

I play 1080p MKVs with about 15k mbps from it, and it works like a charm! :slight_smile:

I would also like to point out that even during peak times using the Samsung G2 only gets just below warm temperature. This drive is perfect for the WD TV Live’s demands, and may I say, very cheap as well, which is why I bought it in the first place. It also looks very elegant:

Also, the write speed is very nice. About 30 - 40 mbps if I recall correctly. You can transfer a 1080p mkv movie in like 2 - 3 minutes.

Also, I used this drive to upgrade the device’s firmware to the latest, and it worked like a charm. This drive is proving itself to be very reliable and fast. I’m loving it.

Also, I would like to discuss the awesome features of WD TV Live that made me choose WD TV Live over the more popular Xtreamer

I noticed that the Xtreamer’s GUI just ■■■■■ really bad. The main thing I love about WD TV Live is the very CLEAN and professional interface that makes this device not only an awesome media streamer but also a device that has a very professional menu and navigation.

All in all, I recommend WD TV Live for everyone. It just works. Straight out of the box. And the results are amazing! The only con in my opinon is that it doesn’t support all wireless dongles.