Reverse View Of Files

A friend has WDTV Live SMP.  There must be a setting somewhere that has been changed.  When he looks at a folder of songs for example, the list begins with track 08 and then works its way down to 01.  The folder for TV shows (Gallery View) begins with Wire in the Blood and the final series is the folder A Touch of Frost.  Within each TV Shows Series folder the first episode is Episode 14, the last one is Episode 01.

Yesterday I installed the theme Mojo for him.  The 2TB drive took around 20 minutes while the media library was compiled.  Amazingly the order view was corrected.  15 minutes later we entered a different folder and the list of files had reverted to reverse order again.

The reverse view was both in Mochi as well as Mojo.

We view the files via his laptop from the attached drive and everything is in order.  I have the same folders on my SMP and everything looks fine.

Any help appreciated.

Change the sort order with the green button.

Thanks mate.