Reverse removal of virtual CD?

I ran the exe to remove the virtual CD and it worked so well that it also removed visibility of the myBook drive as well!  Anyone know how to un-remove the virtual CD, or reverse whatever that program did?  I have a myBook Essential running on a fresh install of Win7. 

After reinstalling Win7 I installed the SES drivers for the myBook, and it was fine (finally removed the error in device manager).  Then, as I did in the previous install, I also removed the virtual drive.  Maybe the .exe was different this time (I downloaded it fresh from the support website).  Now I have no drive at all, and no error messages in device manager.  But I do have an “initio default controller” showing in printers and devices, which I suspect is the WD drive.

Ideas??  How do I turn this mystery device into a disk drive?  Oh, and I also checked Disk Management, and it’s not showing up there.

Frequently when Initio Controler is mentioned it indicates a problem with the circuit board. About the only person that understands this is fzabkar. Try sending him a PM