I feel real close to fixing this…

anyone know what “RUN: CHKDK with the /F (fix) option to correct these” mean?

can check disk REALLY fix this?

This is what happens when I attempt to open the external hard drive, on the driver WINDOWS, not the two programs I’ve posted screen shots previously, states is the external hard drive letter (in other words, windows says my external is on drive F, where as the other two say it’s drive E, however E doesn’t seem to be visible to windows)

so anyways I attempted to open the F drive to try to access my external hard drive to try to back it up…

and this is the screen I was met with:

what is this nonsense? I/O error???

Three weeks now, I’ve been fooling around with this thing and each day I seem to get closer and closer to fixing the issue with my External Hard Drive… and now I’m up against a wall…

  • Google isn’t providing me with any solutions

  • and people here (save for one person’s attempts) don’t seem to be interested or can be helpful

So I’m just going to throw in the towl and junk the thing… it’s pretty bogus, but what was I expecting from a forum.