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I have wasted time registering and trying to start a service case… Why all the hoops to jump through? I have tried to register my drive (password, street address, phone number… really need that??).




I just purchased this product from Amazon based upon the information I found on the WD website.

When making the decision to purchase the WD1003FZEX, the feature “Acronis True Image WD Edition Software” played a large role. The backup/cloning software trumped a comparable Seagate product w/o backup/clone software.


The “Acronis True Image WD Edition Software” does not work. I have an external docking station for my new WD drive. WD’s Data “LifeGuard Diagnostics” finds the WD1003 (and shows the correct part number) and an old version of Apricorn EZgig finds the drive and shows the correct part number. The Acronis software does not find the drive and will not install.


It seems WD has partnered with a company that has more interest in selling an upgrade than working as stated on WD’s website.


I now have a drive that I paid more than I should have because the bundled software does not work as advertised on WD’s product page.


Please help me resolve this problem or I will have to return the drive.




Hello mate did you run the instaler as administrator?
Could you please forget for now that Acronis wd edition software that doesnt work well and try macrium reflect free version and see if it works? Wd doesnt talk to acronis for doing an update for long time.

See if it works for you… just dont forget that im a user like you and may not represent the WD opinion about this

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the tip.

Sorry to hear abou the issues you are experiencing with Acronis. The WD Acronis software has to detect a WD drive in the system before it will install. Usually when a drive is put inside of an enclosure, the enclosure reports to the system and not the drive itself. Because of this, Acronis will fail to install since it doesn’t detect the drive properly.

Can the drive be put into the system and then see if Acronis will install? Also, if you have a version of MaxBlast or Disk Wizard installed, Acronis may not install. This is covered in the KB below:

If you are still having issues with the software, you can contact our support team and they can work with you on the issue that you are experiencing:

Contact WD

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