Return of SanDisk iXpand Mini Flash Drive woes

I purchased 2 SanDisk iXpand Mini Flash Drives in error (I have an Android cell phone, not an iPhone).
When trying to Create an RMA, or to Ask a Question, both forms require either a Model number or a Serial Number. One pop-up showed both a P/N and a S/N on a Western Digital package as examples of where to look for these numbers. The (unopened) packaging for the SanDisk iXpand Mini Flash Drive contains only a barcode on the reverse side that looks like this:

       (BAR CODE HERE)
        19659  15307

None of the 3 numbers shown above are being accepted by either Create RMA or Ask a Question.

How do I go about returning these devices? They were purchased on 11/30/2017, and received on
12/06/2017, so I am within the 30 day window for returns. HELP!!! (please)

Hello @catsnthing,

This is the Western Digital Communities and it seems you may be entering the info on the Western Digital support page. For Support with SanDisk Branded products please see the support page listed below. If you purchased these products from the SanDisk online store you can request a return through the SanDisk Online store. If you purchased these products from a third party seller you will need to request the return or refund directly through the seller.

Above advice is appropriate.

Meanwhile, I have a Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick that works well with iOS and Android devices. I recommend you check Amazon for the product at Amazon at a good price.