Retrieving XP back-up to a Windows 7 system

I purchased a Passport Essential SE 1 TB in March, 2012 and immediately backed-up my Windows XP laptop.  I then sent my laptop to my son in another city as a present.  When I bought my new computer, I tried to restore the data that I had backed-up.  After installing the WD Smartware Software, I could see the data that I had saved on the Home tab.  When I opened the Retrieve tab, the data was not available.  Am I doing something incorrect?  Any help you can give that allows me to solve this problem would be appreciated.  Thanks!

See if this link helps

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I got to retrieve all the contents; however, most of the important files are missing.  I don’t know why.  I retrieved the files to the original laptop into one folder and everything was fine.  Two months later I can only get games, baby pictures, and other non-essentials.  Where are my Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Access programs, banking records, etc.  I guess I’ll start building everything from scratch again!   THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!