Retrieving to a new computer - please help

My old 512mb HDD which was backup up to my Book died.
I bought a new computer and would like to retrieve the information from My Book using WD SmartWare to my new computer.
I installed SmartWare and plugged My Book to the new computer. I can retrieve files but i only want to retrieve files that were on the old computer (and not for instance files that were backed up but deleted from the old computer later on).

All the files are i see on the retrieve screed are striked-through. What does that mean?
Is there any way to know which file was on the old computer during the last backup?
Thank you

Is there an option to restore the files to the state of the last backup?


You will need to select manually on the software the files that you want to retrieve.

The software does not have an option to retrieve the last backup.