Retrieving files from drive using WD smartware

I am using WIN-10 now
WD Smartware version
WD external drive: DAJMHC - firmware 2.003

I last used the drive a few years ago and backed up a computer using WIN7 - I am now trying to retrieve files - Using the WD smartware software, I am able to see that he files (~112GB) exist, but it is grayed- so I cannot retrieve anything (I am unable to select the backed up volume of the retrieve screen)

Do I have to do upgrade any firmaware or software to retrieve my files?

Any advise appreciated greatly



Switching OS seems to cause problems. First check your permissions or see if you are Administrator, who should be able to open any way. Did you keep the same login name when you switched?

In case you are not aware of permissions, select your drive and right click, select properties, then security. This will show you the permissions of your drive. You may have to change some to match your new ones.

Also look on your backup drive for WD Smartware.swtor and open it. Continue opening ind on with History and Volume folders. Your files are in the Volume folder.

Consider switching to WD Backup for future.