Retrieving deleted files only with WD SmartWare Pro

I have just accidently and  permanently  deleted an unknown random selection of files from my PC. Fortunately I have recently backed up using WD SmartWare 2.4.2. I can, of course, simply & slowly trawl through the 36,000+ files in over 3000 folders in the retrieval dialog box, manually selecting each possibly relevant deleted file or directory for retrieval.

Is there anyway I can more easily & quickly select, and retrieve, only the deleted files?

If you select the option to “Restore to the Original Places” then “Retrieve All Files”, WD SmartWare will proceed to restore all missing files from each stored folder into the places they used to be.


Thanks Tracer

Actually, that was the very first thing I thought of. However, my situation was far more complex than presented in my post. I had just successfully done some quite complicated reorganisation of my data disc. Before I could initiate a new backup, I stuffed up. My analysis was that virtually all, if not all, the permanently deleted files came from the recycle bin.

It seemed it would still be faster & less fraught with problems to tediously look at the deleted files, and retrieve any relevant ones, rather than to start the data disc reorganisation from scratch. Given the nature of the disc reorganisation, this has proven to be even more tedious than first thought. But, with the job 2/3 done, I have yet to find any “missing” data.

My post was really just a forlorn hope that the was an easy way to overcome my stupidity. As such, & given that I will complete the task later today, let’s just call this post “Solved”.