Retrieving data on raid 1 setting drive

I have a Duo Premier 4TB set to raid 1 on Windows 7 x64 and use it only for backup up files via software/syncing and Acronis TrueImage (purchased version). It is connected via a USB 3. I have only installed the WD Drive Utilities software at this time as I don’t need the backup software.

I have a question about recovery of data.

In a forum post I saw that the drives are only recognized if in the Duo enclosure.  If one of the drives is bad (as an example #1) will Windows still see #2 so that files can be recovered?  Is that how I would retrieve files if one drive fails or are there other options?

A second question would be If I replace the bad drive will the data on the other drive be copied/mirrored to the new drive automatically?

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Are you able to share your drive’s Model Number? WD has produced several Duo drives and they all behave differently. If the hard drive uses a USB connection, was using a RAID 1 configuration, and formatted NTFS then Windows should be able to detect the internal drives within the case if connected directly to the computer for data access. Additionally, even if 1 drive is faulty the operational drive should be accessible as normal as long as the RAID level was RAID 1 (Mirror). This also applies to hard drive replacement.


The model is WDBLWE0040JCH-00

As I understand it the drives come preformated NTFS - correct?  In that case it doesn’t look like I’d have any problems recovering data.

Will this model then mirror the data back to the new drive?  IE, if #1 fails and I replace #1 will the data on #2 be copied to #1 without my intervention?

That drive would be a My Book Duo, and it does ship NTFS.

Once the unit is configured as RAID 1 (Factory configuration is RAID 0), yes, the array can be rebuilt if a hard drive fails. This process is managed under the RAID Settings of WD Drive Utilities.