Retrieving data from failed enclosure

Anyone got an idea as to how to retrieve the data from one of the drives on an old (blue ring) 1TB My Book World Edition set up to RAID 1? The enclosure has recently failed and I have no way of getting the info that’s on either of the 500 GB HDDs.

I tried using Windows and Linux to access the information by hooking one of the 500 GB HDDs directly to my computer. But it’s still formatted as a RAID drive and won’t mount to the system so I can get all my info from it. I get “Device Not Ready” or something like that.  I went as far as to manually type in the commands in the Terminal on Linux to try and get it to mount to my system. No success.

I advance RMAed it and I have a new version 2 TB My Book World Edition now, but before I call tech support to ask, I figured I’d see if anyone here knew what I could do.

Is there a way to remove the RAID properties of one of the 500 GB HDDs to access the info in Linux or Windows without the enclosure?  If I throw the 2 -500 GB drives into the enclosure of the new 2 TB My Book World Edition, will I be able to access the info no problem, or will it automatically format those drive, or just not do anything?

I have all my photos and music on those drives so I need a surefire way to get this stuff off of the drives without any risk of losing said data.

Thanks guys!

I would contact a data recovery company and see if they are able to access the data. WD has a great list of reputable companies who can work on your drive without voiding your warranty.

Just in case, if you havn’t try yet… Leave one drive in the enclosure and try to see if it powers on. then try with the other drive… If that doesn’t work, then even if you get a replacement enclosure from somewhere like ebay that may not fix the issue as there may be a different firmware on it … so data recovery will be the best solution as they most likely can recover all your data back