Retrieving Backup Problem! Please HELP!

I see the backup file both when exploring the drive and looking at the main application gui (Additional Files, 109.5 GB) on the 1TB My Book Essential drive. However, when I go to retrieve tab, there is nothing there. How do I retrieve the backup? This is insane, I wish I knew about these neverending problems with this product before I bought it. Please help me solve this insanity. Thanks. My OS is Windows XP.


HD: MY Book Essential 1 TB
OS: Windows XP SP3

Hopefully you’ve already resolved this problem - I’m not sure if we both experienced the same thing, but I found the following to have resulted in success (after desperate googling and short of a massive reformatting):

  1. Reset your My Book, and your computer a few times - 40 odd gigs of my data didn’t appear until I did this
  2. Going to the main app gui, select the [retrieve] tab.  
        One of two things can happen: i) your file will *frustratingly* magically appear when you continue your retrieval
                             OR      ii) it will default to ask you where you want your files to be retrieved to. 

if  (ii),                
Do not continue with the process of selecting a destination, because you may have done what I had - which was create multiple backup volumes from/for different drives and computers. The reason why you can’t find your file is that My Book likes to automatically sync with your comp to default to the current drive you are operating in order to back it up. You will need to select the actual volume where your file is located. 

  1. Simply click on [change retrieve volume] (located on the lower left). It will take you to a menu which should list all the      backed up volumes. 

  2. Select that particular volume which your file should be on. 

  3. Continue on with the retrieval process as usual.

My case is admittedly a situation where I should have been paying more attention, hopefully this is the only thing that is going wrong and it isn’t anything more serious.

good luck! 

did you ever resolve this problem i am having the same issue? we both are on XP OS - please help thanks

I have the same issue! Same product but now I"m running WIndows 7. My old computer died on me and i am trying to retrieve the files from the WD My Book to my new computer but there are a few files that won’t get retrieved?

Worse yet, this product ■■■■■. If a folder has a mix of audio, video and/or pictures it is all downloaded separately…audio in one file, video in another, etc.