Retrieving backup from crashed computer to a new computer

It appears that my Acer Aspire One netbook has crashed and I need to retrieve it’s backup to another computer.  When I open the drive on the new computer, I do not see the netbook backup file.  Where do I find it to retrieve and save on new computer?

Can you please confirm what software did you use to backup the old computer?

Was using WD Smartware that comes with the portable drive when I backed up old computer.

I had problems last time retireving after I ran a WD update and there’s another update they still want me to download, but I won’t do it because of my last experience.  Also note that it explains that before we runthe WD update, to back up your files and that means using another portable backup device and it won’t be a WD if that can’t even guarantee that the WD updates won’t crash their poratble drives!!